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We are excited to bring you the 4th annual “Night of the 5000s”!


When: 5:30 PM May 22, 2024

Where: Woods Cross High School

Race Schedule Here

This is a phenomenal opportunity to run a race at the peak of your training. See what you can do when you can concentrate on just a single race! This meet will show college coaches what you can do across the 5000m distance and give you confidence and motivation heading into summer training for cross country. We will be altitude converting all of the marks in order to provide college coaches with a time that will give you the exposure to run at the next level, or to open your eyes to what you are capable of for the 5000m race.

We also welcome community runners who’d like a chance to set a 5k PR! Racing on the track is a great way to see what you’re made of across the 5k distance.

All heats will be paced by one of our local Utah Pros: Anna Camp-Bennett, Conner Mantz, Jake Heslington, Jared Ward, Michael Ottesen, Whittni Orton, and others!

Heats will be run slowest to fastest, with community races first and elite high school fields finishing of the night under the stadium lights!
Race Schedule here.

Register by May 9th for early bird pricing ($29) and receive a personalized “Night of the 5000s” bib. Registration increases to $35 after May 9th. You will receive a standard bib.

Registration will close on Wednesday, May 21st, at 8:00 a.m. sharp, MDT. Do not miss the deadline! Once registration is closed, we will seed the meet, setup the races, and post the Meet Schedule. Depending on numbers, we may combine some races.

Any questions can be directed to